PAT, the Performance Analytics Tool for Clinicians and Coaches

Patient Monitoring and Health Plan Assignment

  • Monitor your patient population through graphs and analytics
  • Zero in on patients that need help
  • Update and tweak your patient’s programs, activities, and action plans on the fly.
In app exercises

Features for Clinicians

The Performance Analytics Tool offers tools for Clinicians to effectively treat their patients. It also gives healthcare administrators what they need to monitor the progress of hundreds of patients at once.

Your patient population at a glance

Use the population dashboard page to review your patient population and quickly find patients that need your help.

Comprehensive patient information to make the best treatment choices

Get informed! Use the Case Manager page to review patient activity, including alerts, exercises, assessments, tests, action plans, symptoms and more.

Customize your patient programs when you want

Use detailed customization tools to modify your patient’s action plans, exercises, tests, lessons, and more, so they can get the most out of their care.

Extensive graphing features for user data analysis

Treatment Programs

Treatment Programs

Treatment Programs


  • Daily COPD Action plan surveys
  • Daily Action Plan Tasks
  • Daily Action Plan Tasks
  • 40+ exercises for COPD treatment
  • 40+ classes
  • 4+ COPD assessment tests
Treatment Programs

Fall Prevention

  • 28+ exercises for fall prevention
  • 50+ classes
  • 9+ fall prevention assessments
Treatment Programs

Total Knee Replacement

  • 10+ strengthening and PT exercises for total knee replacement recovery
  • 22 classes
Treatment Programs


  • 10+ physical exercises for dizziness treatment
  • 4 vestibular exercises
  • 10+ dizziness assessment tests
Treatment Programs

Multiple Sclerosis

  • 9 Tai Chi exercises for MS
  • 18+ classes for healthy living
  • 9+ MS assessment tests
Treatment Programs

Parkinson’s Disease

  • 10+ exercises for Parkinson’s
  • 18+ classes for healthy living
  • 5+ assessment tests


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FDA Registration and HIPAA Compliance

The Blue Marble Health Platform is FDA registered as a Software As a Medical Device (SAMD).

The Platform is also HIPAA compliant.