A Platform for Research and Data Collection


Years of Research

The Blue Marble Health Platform has been the cornerstone of evidence-based research for nearly a decade.



Blue Marble has collaborated with over 20 different organizations, including universities, retirement centers and research labs.

Partners Research

We are excited to make this platform generally available for research institutions like yours.

The Patient Side

A comprehensive rehabilitation platform and data collection tool for research

25+ evidence based, standardized electronic patient reported outcomes (e-PROs), with more being added regularly.

112 avatar-guided exercises

38 educational lessons with over 190 five to ten minute classes and quizzess

The Research Side

A powerful digital platform for patient data collection.

Platform Features

Intuitive administrator-facing dashboards make it easy to configure study protocols, review participant progress, and export data for further analysis.

Population Health Dashboard

A comprehensive view of your study participant population.

Case Manager Dashboard

An in-depth view of individual patients.

Use Adherence & Assessment Reports

Downloadable data related to exercise adherence and assessment outcomes can be exported to statistical programs for further analysis.

The Blue Marble Health Platform can be an effective data collection backbone to any research program that is evaluating the benefit of an exercise, education, and/or a self-management program.

Research Recruitment

Conducting research in the era of COVID and social distancing can make recruiting participants challenging.

Subjects who must travel on-site may find it unrealistic or impractical to do so, which can lead to research inequities.

Your participant's ability to navigate traffic, weather, and caregiver support can impact their participation in your study.

Studies that last months or even years often need help finding cost-effective tools that keep participants engaged and compliant over a long period of time.

Our Solution

The Benefits of the Blue Marble Health Platform

Treatment Programs

Scale and save costs with the Blue Marble Health Platform

Treatment Programs

Screen more potential subjects

Treatment Programs

Standardize data collection

Treatment Programs

Reduce data collection errors

Treatment Programs

Download the data to a .CSV for easy import to SPSS, R or other data analysis tools.

Treatment Programs

Built in assessments, lessons, and exercises for your clinical research needs

Treatment Programs

Quickly and easily review methods to ensure they capture intended outcomes

Treatment Programs

Easily accessible data where and when you need it.

Research Outcomes

Outcomes from a 3 month fall prevention program for older adults

- 55% of older adults adhered to a 3x/wk or more falls-related exercise programs; 78% adhered 50% or more to the exercise program.

- 100% of older adults achieved a MCID on at least one outcome related to reduction in fall risk or improved quality of life after a 3 month fall prevention program

- 73% of older adults completed the digital Matter of Balance Program in its entirety (11 lessons and 60 five to ten minute classes)

Outcomes from an 8-wk Virtual Pulmonary Rehab Program for adults with COPD

- 79% of adults with COPD adhered to a 3x/wk or more exercise program, 89% adhered to 50% or more of the exercise program

- 100% of participants achieved a MCID in at least one outcome and 86% achieved an MCID on 4 or more outcomes

- 80% of participants reported improved breathlessness as measured by the CAT or mMRC

- 71% of participants achieved a MCID in the St. George Respiratory Questionnaire score, which was similar to the 75% in the traditional clinic-based PR program

- 43% of participants achieved a MCID in the 6MWT, which was similar to the 45% in the traditional clinic-based PR program.

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